Drill / Screw in Tent Pegs - They're so Easy - Drill Your pegs / Remove Your Pegs in Seconds

Posted by Paul Reynolds on

See our below video demonstrating the Amazing Ultimate Drill / Screw in Tent Pegs by TTCWM. To Securely fasten your tent / awning / whatever into hard standing or normal ground easily in seconds.

You know what its like, hammering away at the cold hard ground in even the best weather conditions doesn't quite equate to sitting in your sun chair at the start to your holiday, non-alcoholic cocktail in hand, admiring the rolling hill sides of your new home for the next week (or 2).

Now all you need is our Ultimate Drill in Peg, an electric drill with the free 13 mm adapter attached to get screwing in seconds, Just Watch... In Packs of 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50.